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The airline industry has been beyond capacity for years. As a result the traveling public has had to suffer in longer lines at check-in, increasing airport security, luggage fees, cramped seating and schedule delays. When you calculate the costs of lost time and productivity waiting in airport lines for security or parking shuttles you realize that flying commercial can be a wasteful, unproductive and expensive endeavor. There are over 5000 public airports in the United States suitable for charter aircraft compared to around 300 commercial airports. Charter flights take you point to point and closer to your destinations allowing you more flexibility.

TC Air Charter helps you find luxurious, convenient charter flights to and from any place in the United States. TC Air Charter arranges your trip with the utmost care. No airport security lines to wait in and you won’t have to remove your shoes. Our services are ideal for all trips, whether for business or pleasure.

  • Fly in comfort instead of driving all day
  • Save time and expense of an overnight stay
  • Leave home in the morning, conduct your business, and return home the same day
  • Flexibility to depart on your schedule
  • Land closer to your business or personal destination

Just tell us the city you want to fly to and we will specify a convenient airport to minimize your ground transportation time. Park and board at any airport where your aircraft is just steps away. Let us quote your next business or personal trip. We will provide better than first class service at unsurpassed convenience and value.

No missed connections, no lost baggage, no connecting flights in random airports – just comfortable, efficient, safe and secure travel.



Choose from a full range of beautiful, modern, well-maintained aircraft.

Cirrus SR-22

The Cirrus SR-22 is a single engine airplane that can fit 3 passengers. Travel in style with leather seats and air conditioning.

The SR-22 is a fast single engine plane that goes about 180 MPH – getting you and your traveling companions where you need to go quickly.

Pilatus PC-12

Travel in executive style aboard this beautiful aircraft featuring nine passenger capacity, pressurized air conditioned cabin and cruise speeds at over 285 mph. The PC-12 is versatile and comfortable landing on short runways (found sometimes on island getaway locations) – and it is renowned for its smooth flying abilities due to its unique design.

King Air B200

With seating for eight passengers, the affordable and luxurious twin turbo prop King Air B200, provides generous room for passengers and for luggage storage. It also has an onboard lavatory. The King Air is unique in that it has very good range and can land on short island runways safely and with ease.

MU-2 Turboprop

With an eight passenger capacity, pressurized, air conditioned cabin and cruise speeds at over 325 mph, the twin turboprop MU2, will get you there in executive style and fast! The MU2 is versatile – comfortable landing on short runways and it is renowned for its smooth flying abilities due to its unique design.



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Please Read: Private air charter is NOT less expensive than regular commercial air travel.  If you’re expecting a cheaper option than First Class on regular airlines then private charter is not a good option for you.

Our Clients Say

“I’ve been a client of several air charter companies over the years. I own several companies that operate on different sides of the U.S. so I frequently need to fly last minute and on my own schedule and terms. TC Air Charter has provided me with the best customer service and always finds me competitive pricing with reliable charter services.  I always go to them first when I need to book a flight or charter an entire plane.”


Avoid The Crowds and Arrive In Style

Tired of waiting in long lines to get through security – almost missing your flight? Fed up with being herded along with the rest of the general public into what is essentially a bus that flies? Step into the world of private chartered flights and you’ll never look back at regular commercial air travel.


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