Based in the Minneapolis | St. Paul, Minnesota area at the Anoka County / Blaine Airport, we are a leader in safe, professional, and innovative aircraft charter. We are committed to our customers delivering superior high quality service and value for travel throughout the Midwest. Available 24/7.

Time is the most valuable commodity. We never seem to have enough of it. Everyone is time-strapped, time-poor, time-starved. Choose your cliché.

The airline industry has been beyond capacity for years. As a result the traveling public has had to suffer in longer lines at check-in, increasing airport security, luggage fees, cramped seating and schedule delays. When you calculate the costs of lost time and productivity waiting in airport lines for security or parking shuttles you realize that flying commercial can be a wasteful, unproductive and expensive endeavor.

There are over 5000 public airports in the United States suitable for charter aircraft compared to around 300 commercial airports. Charter flights take you point to point and closer to your destinations allowing you more flexibility. Twin Cities Air Charter offers luxurious, convenient charter flights to and from any place in the Midwest including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Dakotas, Canada and anywhere else.

Twin Cities Air Charter arranges your flight with the utmost care. You select the flight schedule; we take care of the details including full service, safety, security, luxury, and convenience at the best possible prices. No airport security lines to wait in and you won’t have to remove your shoes. Our service is ideal for day trips, whether for business or pleasure.

• Fly in comfort instead of driving all day
• Save time and expense of an overnight stay
• Leave home in the morning, conduct your business, and return home the same day
• Flexibility to depart on your schedule
• Land closer to your business or personal destination

Just tell us the city you want to fly to and we will specify a convenient airport to minimize your ground transportation time. Park and board at any airport where your aircraft is just steps away. Let us quote your next business or personal trip. We will provide better than first class service at unsurpassed convenience and value. No connecting flights, no missed connections, no lost baggage - just comfortable, efficient, safe and secure travel.

Alan, Minneapolis, MN
"Thanks to Twin Cities Air Charter I can do my business in several locations, even several states, and come home all in one day! By chartering multi-legs it allows me to be more productive than I ever could have been before. And with today's economy and needing to reach out to a broader market, who wouldn't want that? The best part... I'm home at the end of the day. No more driving long hours or being stuck in a hotel overnight. Thanks for keeping my business (and my family) happy."

Chris, St. Paul, MN
"Having never chartered an aircraft before, I used to have take the airlines exclusively. My days were full with longs lines in security, connecting flights, and the stress and hassle of the airlines, which has only gotten worse. It finally got to me. I should have called years ago. Now, I don't have deal with security anymore, I can drive to the local airport near my house, and leave whenever I want. Plus I arrive stress free and ready to go to my meetings... The convenience factor alone makes it worth the value, "Thank you."

Keith, Hudson, WI
"Thank you Twin Cities Air Charter. I consistently need to leave on short notice and need to get where I'm going safely. Every time I arrive, your service exceeds my expectations. The aircraft and the pilots are waiting for me when I run late. Moreover, your staff handles everything. I know I can depend on you again and again for safe and on-time travel whether I am leaving today, tonight, or next week."